How to turn off Android updates on Motorola One Vision?

With the latest Android update for your Motorola One Vision, it no longer works correctly. It seems slowed down or some applications do not work well. You will want to go back to the old OS version however you have no idea how to do it. You will discover in this tutorial what is the method to first disable the Android updates from your Motorola One Vision. We will detail if it is possible to go back to an old Android version. Finally we will see what is the method to cancel the automatic updates of the applications present on your smartphone.


How to remove Android auto updates on your Motorola One Vision?

After having tested or read the new features of the latest Android update, you do not want to update your Motorola One Vision. According to users, updating the Android OS would cause problems or scheduled obsolescence. Indeed it is possible on an android smartphone to disable future updates by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the settings menu of your Motorola One Vision
  2. And choose About the device : if you cannot find this option, go directly to step 6
  3. And choose Software update
  4. After uncheck automatic update
  5. At this point you must return to the settings menu of your smartphone
  6. Select App manager
  7. Select All
  8. And on software update : Supprimer this option

How to uninstall the latest Android update on your Motorola One Vision?

Unless you are very familiar with the Android operating system, it is difficult to go back to an old version of the OS. One of the effective solutions is to reset your Motorola One Vision, however, sometimes this solution will not be enough and the latest Android version remains installed. Be careful before any reset of your smartphone, do not forget to:

How to remove the automatic updates from the apps installed on your Motorola One Vision?

On Android it is quite easy to deactivate application updates. You can choose in manual mode which applications will be updated. To perform this task, see the directions explained below:

  • Start the Google Playstore app
  • Go to the menu or the three parallel bars
  • and then choose settings
  • choose Automatic update of applications
  • after click on Do not update automatically

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